Why Outsource to QuartSoft?

Customers from more than 20 countries have outsourced their web development and mobile development needs to Ukraine-based graphic designers and programmers working for QuartSoft Corp. Our experienced team accounts for the success of hundreds of businesses including web-based startups which founders have chosen Ukraine as their IT outsourcing destination. More than 1000 completed projects over the last ten years prove that Ukraine is becoming one of the world’s strongest players in the IT outsourcing industry. By opening an office in the USA in 2012, QuartSoft Corp. has reached a new level of providing comprehensive web / mobile design and development services to our U.S. clients seeking for IT partners bound with American legislation and being able to work for somewhat lower rates than those commonly offered by developers based in the United States. We always do our best to create favorable conditions for the long-term and successful cooperation with each our client. So our presence in the United States of America is one of important steps undertaken by QuartSoft to make the benefits of outsourcing web and mobile projects to Ukrainian programmers and designers even more attractive for end customers and outsourcing partners based in this country.

Ukraine is one of world’s top IT outsourcing destinations

Ukraine is becoming one of the world’s most effective IT outsourcing destinations for businesses from America, Europe, Australia and other regions of the world with a higher cost of web and mobile development services or lack of qualified specialists in the field of information technologies. As a huge labor turnover has become a stumbling block for the leading outsourcing countries such as India and China all too often causing quality and communication problems, the international business community started to pay more attention to Eastern Europe as an alternative IT outsourcing hub. As a result, the volume of software development services and IT outsourcing has grown tenfolds for the last ten years particularly in Ukraine.

Back in the times of the former USSR Ukraine was an essential intellectual power of the giant industrial state. These were Ukrainian engineers who designed and built the first manned space rocket and were behind many inventions and theories in rocket science. Due to the strong educational background and traditions, lots of today’s Ukrainians are known to be talented software programmers and graphic designers working all over the world. Many experts call Ukraine one of the biggest stars in the world of IT.

We surveyed our partners and customers to ask them why they had chosen our Ukrainian team over some even cheaper alternatives from other countries. We received quite an array of answers revealing a few advantages of outsourcing web and mobile development needs to Ukrainian contractors:

  • Ukrainians are reputable for the quality of their work, so even being a little less cost-saving in comparison with alternatives in Asian countries, the ultimate quality of the development process often results in greater long-term value;
  • Ukrainians have a European, Christian mentality which makes communication more comfortable for many clients based in the USA, Europe, and Australia;
  • Ukraine has a better IT infrastructure and health care than in some countries offering cheaper services which allows avoiding certain communication and downtime issues;
  • Ukraine does not require visa for American, Western European and Australian citizens to enter the country whenever they want to visit their Ukrainian partners;
  • Many Ukrainian IT companies opened their offices in the USA and can easily send their representatives over there just like QuartSoft does;
  • There are more chances to find a solid and stable team for a long-lasting partnership in Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian programmers can afford to offer lower rates compared to those in the USA, Western Europe, and Australia without compromising on quality.

Qualified and trustworthy cooperation

We are a team of highly motivated and creative solution architects, database engineers, web and mobile developers, graphic designers, quality control testers whose work is administrated by experienced product managers. Our team readily meets challenging assignments and successfully completes them within the given timeframe and budget.

When outsourcing their design and development projects to QuartSoft Corp., our clients get what they need within the agreed period of time. Our experience with all kinds of custom web and mobile applications, various services and open source tools enables our team to successfully develop the right strategy of project implementation from an idea to the launch.

We do understand all importance and responsibility of being a reliable IT partner for our customers. That’s why we consider establishing a qualified and trustworthy cooperation to be of paramount importance for QuartSoft. We have established a number of rules which form the foundation upon which our success is based.

Efficient communication is the core of our business and product management process

Efficient communication is the core of our business and product management process

Despite outsourcing your IT needs to a remote web and mobile development team, you will never lose the contact with us in the course of our work on your project since we consider a stable communication process and quick responses to be rather important factors of success. Whatever questions may arise, we are always in touch to discuss, clarify and resolve misunderstandings, if any, together with our valuable customers. Every project sent our way is given special attention and our clients’ feedbacks are taken into account immediately.
A qualified product manager will be your dedicated guide through the whole design and development process to make sure you never stop monitoring your IT project and seeing it getting off the ground.

Managers, designers, and developers involved in your project will make sure you receive updates and instructions every 2-3 days. We are always available for discussing your needs, ideas and remarks by e-mail, messengers, Skype, phone conversations. We do our best to arrange regular discussions and online meetings as often as it is convenient to our clients.

One should pay attention to details if looking for success

With QuartSoft Corp. you do not have to reiterate. Our long experience and creative minds allow our team to exceed client’s expectations with a high-quality product even with a little initial information. You don’t have to resort to lengthy explanations about what to do as we have already done that many times before. Our web and mobile development team pays close attention to your ideas, goals and every minor detail the project you can share with us so that you could be sure that your project is in good hands. We appreciate every contribution to the project from your part, and we are always ready to offer you our expert opinions and recommendations to help you launch and propel your IT project as fast and efficiently as possible.

All necessary design and development services under one roof

When bringing your business to the web, it’s rather important to optimize your project schedule in order to avoid or minimize delays. It’s especially true with startup ventures trying to preempt the market or catch the investor’s attention asap. One of the most efficient ways to save time and efforts is outsourcing the most critical services to the same web / mobile design and development company like ours. Here at QuartSoft Corp., we offer a whole range of services comprising everything needed to professionally design and develop bespoke web and mobile apps of any complexity at the top quality level.

QuartSoft Corp. employs a professional, creative and fresh-minded staff with enough experience to create perfect web- and mobile-based solutions to boost our clients’ business opportunities on the web and beyond. Besides talented graphic designers and programmers, we also have employees responsible for technical support and ensuring fast and smooth work for the clients whose success relies on us. We possess enough qualified human resources to provide the best workmanship at every stage of your IT project implementation.

Building long-term relationships is a way to a successful business

Building long term relationships is a way to a successful business

Even after being created and launched, your website or mobile app may need new features and expanding their capabilities in the future. Thus, when looking for designers and programmers to outsource your web and mobile development projects to, you have to keep in mind that you need a team that would always be available for any modifications and additions you may need later to further develop and update your web and mobile assets. QuartSoft Corp. has always been around for a reliable post-production assistance and support. We feel strong enough to guarantee that we’ll stay at our clients’ disposal even after the launch of their projects for many years to come.


SOAR Nation has been a business partner/client of QuartSoft Corp. since August 2010. In that period of time, QuartSoft Corp. has been instrumental in developing the technological backbone of the organization. As a result, SOAR Nation has recently entered negotiations with several investment groups regarding angel and venture capital investment.

Yan Agaev, President/CEO SOAR Nation, Inc.

I am writing from Rentfeeder, we are an internet technology start up that is building software tools for professionals in the residential real estate industry. We have been working with a team of developers at QuartSoft Corp. for over a year now and have been very happy with their performance. We recently receiving outside funding over the last few months based upon the progressof the product that was developed and it is just now being released into the market. The development team at QuartSoft Corp. has been an important part of the development of our product and I view them to be a reliable and competent software development firm.

Josh Peterson, President & CEO Rentfeeder, Inc