Our Team

When asking ourselves what the most complicated and important project successfully implemented by QuartSoft is, we all understand that it would be building of our team. It was a huge challenge to find, select and train professional graphic designers, web developers and mobile programmers in order to unite them into a qualified crew to work under the same roof for over 10 years of our company’s history. Today our team is what we are constantly proud of. All QuartSoft employees do their best to contribute to the success of our company as well as businesses of our clients who outsource their mobile and web needs to us.

At the moment the core of QuartSoft Corp. consists of more than 100 talented and vigorous graphic designers, mobile programmers and web developers who are able to meet clients’ needs in building their web presence, getting their online businesses and web-based startups off the ground as well as improve and update existing web assets. We also offer qualified IT consulting and technical support to our clients.

When outsourcing your IT projects to QuartSoft Corp. you hire dedicated web and mobile app programmers, eCommerce pros, graphic designers, illustrators, QA staff and other professionals who can help you implement your ideas and overcome challenges in your online business. We care about the quality of our products and that’s why we have a serious attitude towards hiring only the most skillful and creative staff.

When working with any developer or designer in our team, you can be absolutely sure of having your web or mobile project completed within a minimum time period and with the best quality. Please, get acquainted with our guys! They are doing really hard work and go the extra mile in order to provide you with top quality products and services.

The main benefit of IT outsourcing to an off-shore team like QuartSoft is the ability to expand and downsize your staff whenever you need it. And our designers and developers are available for your web and mobile development needs today and in the future.


Jack Myasushkin
Vitaliy Kuzmin
Sergey Kondratyuk


Olga Semenova
Marketing Manager
Dmitriy Nesterov
Marketing Manager
Andrey Kozlov
Account Manager

Product Management

Pavel Kozhokar
Product Manager
Tatiana Lyabik
Product Manager
Maxim Gura
Product Manager


Eugene Borisenko
System Engineer
Anatoliy Kurinniy
System Engineer
Stanislav Stogko
System Engineer

Ruby on Rails Department

Aleksandr Polyakov
Maksim Dmitriev
Oksana Ovcharenko
HTML5 coder


Elena Pashyna
HTML5 coder
Elena Lysenko
Tatyana Shevchenko


Vera Svetlenko
Flash developer
Dmitriy Sokolov
Flash developer
Mariya Voytenko
QA Engineer


Aleksandr Khromychenko
Software Developer
Andrey Kolyadin
Software Developer
Natasha Vinokurova
Software Developer

Voicebase Team

Evgeniy Dmitrichenko
DevOps Architect
Oksana Kornienko
QA Engineer
Roman Artyukh
QA Engineer


Aleksey Borovik
Magento Developer
Simeon Verbitskiy
Magento Developer
Natasha Miller
Magento Developer


Ivan Balychev
iPhone developer
Daniil Pavenko
Android developer
Vladimir Kuzmichev
iPhone developer


Sergey Malinov
QA Engineer
Irina Fesenko
QA Engineer
Inna Konovalchyuk
QA Engineer


SOAR Nation has been a business partner/client of QuartSoft Corp. since August 2010. In that period of time, QuartSoft Corp. has been instrumental in developing the technological backbone of the organization. As a result, SOAR Nation has recently entered negotiations with several investment groups regarding angel and venture capital investment.

Yan Agaev, President/CEO SOAR Nation, Inc.

Bitfocus, Inc. is a leading software development and IT consulting firm dedicated to development of applications for the public and private sector. In our expansion, QuartSoft has been a vital business partner in the development of our own product offerings, as well as developing tools and applications for our clients. 

Bitfocus, Inc. has been a close business partner with QuartSoft since March 2009. During that period of time, QuartSoft has become an indispensable partner to our organization, allowing us to grow and meet the technological demands of our own products, as well as our customers.

Robert Herdzik, CEO Bitfocus Inc.